Hello everyone! Welcome to my new site. I’m trying a new platform and a new design in the hopes that I’ll contribute a little more to the site’s value…which had definitely dropped off.  I’ve rechecked, updated, and removed links that were in some cases over 20 years old (believe it or not).

I’ve also given it a look and feel refresh and added some new functionality…as well as automating some things to give them added visibility.  I hope you enjoy!

Recent Posts

New Site is Live! - Well...it's been a long time coming, but the new web site is finally live.  That's not the most exciting part for me, though.  The best part is that I now have fast internet and can cut ties with some companies that I don't want give my money to any longer. ... Read more"New Site is Live!"
Summer’s Comin’ - If you've been watching, this needs little explanation. I can only say that Summer brings many ideas for this poor guy. 
The Term “86’d” - Ok, so a while back I used a phrase that, to me, was common.  I said I had 86'd myself.  I got a couple of chuckles from others when I said it.  But, then I found myself wondering where that term had actually come from.  So, as most random tangents ... Read more"The Term “86’d”"